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The product team viewed the platform selection process as an opportunity to crystalize how they do performance management and approached the search thoughtfully. “We evaluated pretty much every performance management tool that exists.” Our role was to create the project from botom to finish.

Challenges and More

As the company approached 50 employees, Stephanie and the Button team made the decision to start looking for a tool. They needed a solution that could grow with the company and make the entire performance review process easier for everyone, not only for the People Operations department.

The problem with manual solutions is that they become harder to manage as you add more people, and thus more stress, to the system. “When you get to 30 or 40 people, that manual process started to grow from two hours, to three hours, four hours, five hours,” says Stephanie, adding, “It quickly became unscalable.”

The Grand Tour

Design and ease-of-use helped Lattice win over the Button team. The team “loved Lattice’s user experience and usability, being able to have split-screens and the ability to customize the transparency” says Stephanie, adding, “Our CTO and our VP of Engineering came from Google where they had their own internal performance management system and I think it was something our team was used to having.”

“It's difficult to deliver a boutique fashion ecommerce site that showcases a compelling brand experience but also converts. Webify delivered just that.” Guthrie Ferguson, Brand Director

We strategized a theme framework that allowed our designers to create beautifully accessible templates, while baking in enough flexibility to allow merchants to customize the experience for their industry. Site Builder extends the administrative experience, separating content into blocks and allowing for a custom but controlled end product.

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The right combination of defensive and offensive moves provides the highest probability (37%) of security success. What you’re doing is working—now you need to double down, optimize, and translate the work done to this point into competitive advantage. You need to anticipate the next challenges and continue to innovate. With your business in a stable state, you have the resources and time to build more durability and flexibility into your business model and operations. Does prevail mean you can declare victory? No—prevailing is just the beginning of your long journey to becoming a leader. To prevail, fulfill the vision you designed and tested. We think you should:

  • Continue to instill flexibility and resilience
  • Leverage new technologies (like AI) that create efficiencies and advantage


It’s imperative to test the results of your actions—and prove that they bear results. A lot of companies make plans to change. Some actually do. But how many measure the results of their actions through financial results? In a fast-changing environment, you only have so many bets to make—and any actions or plans should be tested and proven before they can be put in place for the long run. Want to make sure your business changes and investments are worthwhile? We think you should.

Prove your innovations yield results—before consecrating them into your long-term strategy. We think you should: 

    • Upskill and reskill your workforce for the future—and measure the results through a critical group: your managers 
    • Quantify the ROI of your platforms


This pace and breadth of change calls for purposeful and swift action. The world around us is shifting. Years’ worth of change is happening in a matter of weeks. Like many leaders, you’re probably finding you don’t have enough insights from the data in your company. You might also need to rethink your business model for a different future—or at least, alter your portfolio of products and services, digitize operations, and enable a more remote workforce. Before the pandemic hit, 61% of leaders said their ability to adapt quickly was a top strategic priority, but only 17% think they could do this well. Pivoting requires you to observe, orient, decide, and act—quickly and purposefully. We think you should:

    • Assess the changing world around you and not only adapt to the changes, but leverage them for competitive advantage
    • Better understand your business through a rapid approach to data analytics
    • Start taking a test-and-learn approach to new products, services, experiences, and business shifts


Any good offense is backed by a strong defense. Market disruption requires you to protect your business’ livelihood. Seeing an increase in reported cyberattacks? Need to preserve cash in the face of uncertainty?

Taking immediate, defensive measures helps insulate your business as you respond to change. We think you should:

    • Revisit your ability to respond to an outside incident
    • Get back to work by optimizing your workforce and creating a safe environment for employees and customers
    • Reduce costs so you can redirect resources to innovation

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“You want to control your own destiny, and that requires a flexible, customizable platform where you can satisfy today’s requirements while providing a solid base for your evolution through the coming years. In addition to that solution, you need a highly capable implementation partner to help you reap its benefits.”

“We lost a key member of our IT team and switched platforms within the same 6 months, yet Cloudscape stepped in to quickly cover those responsibilities, being extremely flexible along the way as our internal priorities and goals changed.”

“Cloudscape clearly understood our business from a financial and process perspective. They had the manufacturing expertise and systems integration experience. And the team provided training and support, so we didn’t have to deal with multiple vendors. That was huge. We’ve made Cloudscape our trusted advisor, and look forward to a long, happy relationship with them.”